With Wander Travel, you will find all available options to navigate on any ocean, sea, river or lake in the world. Our specialists will guide you through the process of selecting the best ship for your one or multiple destinations ensuring a memorable vacations.

Our services include:

  • Access to all major cruise lines
  • Pricing and booking through secure reservation platforms
  • Pre-booking requirements
  • Visa and immigration requirements for all ports and destinations
  • Tours and things-to-do in every place included in the cruise plan
  • Flight booking, accommodations and transfers prior and after cruising
  • Group fares and special promos / discounts
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Such a great experience while sailing among different sized and colored glaciers, thousands of square miles as covered by ice, discover by yourself a nature of wonderful surprises of wildlife and landscapes, interact with the culture at rugged frontiers, majestic natural beauty and rich native culture.
And then, the Pacific is there, with its beautiful Vancouver, romantic Victoria and all the way to Seattle and San Diego.
In a land full of places like the paradise itself, you won’t be able to decide either to stay in the beautiful ship or to stay in the Mexico’s places like Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Cancun, Cozumel, La Paz, Loreto, and more!
A complete broad of selections from the old part of the world. Ancient ruins, different cuisines, art, history, fun, gambling. In few words, infinite possibilities. Sail to Barcelona, Marseille, Monte Carlo, Rome, Valletta, Napoles, Venice, Civitavecchia, Palma de Mallorca, Gibraltar, Ceuta, Casablanca, Losbon, Le Havre/Paris, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Plymouth, Harwich/London, Cobh, Belfast, Obon, Edinburgh, Kirkwall, Oslo, Arhus, Copenhagen, Warnemunde/Berlin, Helsinki/Lapland, Tallina, St.Petesburg/Moscow, Riga, Gdynia/Gdansk, Akureyri, Reykjavik, Torshavn, Lerwick, Kristiansand, Dublin, Dummore East, Guernsey, Malaga, Vigo, and more!On a beautiful colored waters and romantic sunset appearances, discover a world of enjoyment.
Travel around The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, British Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St. Marteen, Antigua, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Venezuela, Jamaica, Cuba, Costa Rica, and more!!! Mystical places, beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, crystal waters, dancing parties, and what your imagination can create!
Ask our Wander Travel advisers about more specific destinations, including in-land cruises, custom trips and varied combination upon your plans… Everything is possible, just make up your mind and our travel agents will find out the best for you!
Easy to write but infinite to discover: South America. Several countries, from Atlantic to Pacific Oceans form the beautiful southern part of America, with a lovely list of destinations to enjoy upon your own desire: Beaches, rivers, forest, mountains, ancient cities, modern metropolises, but the most, lovely people to get along with. Give yourself a chance to go south, to South America.
Hawaii is perhaps one of the most desired destination in the World. Mark Twain called Hawaii “the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean” Sail to exotic Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii, the Big Island. Snorkel along with bright fishes, peer into a volcanic crater, then go to honolulu, Hilo, Kona, Lahaina, and Nawiliwilli.
The magnificent Greece, beyond the imagination, from the past history to the enchanting adventure of traveling by those mystical places and nature. Greece, where those Olympian Gods are still present to preserve one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, where you can feel like going back and get along with Mediterranean civilization, yet discover the remaining spirit of love, legends and culture. But also, those blue water and golden beaches, villages, ancient but modern cities and more to find out!
A tale of two Pacifics. Follow in the footsteps of emperors, shoguns and Khmer kings in an Orient explorer adventure. Or meet the Aborigines iof Australia and Maori of New Zealand. Visit Singapure, Russia’s Far East. The shoguns’ jeweled Japan. The mysterious Middle Kingdom of China, Hong Kong, your portal to Yangon, forbidden capital of Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, where the ancient temples of the Khmer kings await. Or take into Bali – so peaceful, so perfect it has been called the “Morning of the World”. And then Australia, and its wonders down under: Urulu/Ayers Rock, The Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, sophisticated Sydney. Maori warriors and sheep farmers await in New Zealand. Gauguin beauties and blue lagoons beckon in Tahiti, Bora Bora and the remote Marquesas.
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