Our Services

Air Fares plane-flight-icon

Lowest air fares available to virtually any destination including non-stop, connecting, thru-fares and charter services.

Accommodations Letter-H-icon

Connected with all major hotel chains and wholesalers, we can accommodate you in every available room in the whole world. You can request accommodations only or as a part of a bundle package.

Car Rental car-icon

Access to all major rental companies and also a varied sources of regional and local car rental companies upon your travel plans.

Travel Packages palm-tree-icon

Our selection includes all major ITC Packages (Inclusive Tour Charter) from major wholesalers, airline carriers and consolidators. Also, other packages in different plans upon features, duration, destinations included and additional services to add.

Cruises cruise-ship-icon

Our network includes all major cruise lines, wholesalers and independent cruise lines to virtually sail on every ocean, sea, river and lake!

Tours bus-icon

When planning a trip, you might want to add one of the tours that we offer onalmost every place in the world. Select the best option based on duration, price, amenities and much more. Our agents will guide you to select what you need.

Adventure Travel Alpine-Skiing-3-icon

For those who like ecotourism, exotic destinations and extreme sports, you'll find several choices here.

Language Schools Select-Language-icon

Excellent opportunity to learn english, french or more languages at all levels in Canada, United States of America, Mexico and other countries.

Travel Insurance insurance-icon

Travel with peace of mind. We offer you different travel insurance plans through Manulife Travel Insurance Services. Select what you need and travel safe and protected.

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