About us

Experience and customer service

Vast experience We offer more than 25 years of experience in retail travel services, thousands of traveled miles in worldwide destinations and ongoing training & educational travel programs to lead our customers in the right direction when travel decisions have to be made.
History. Operating since May, 1999 and always located in Streetsville, ON., our travel agency has been specialized in Mexico & Latin-american destinations, groups, ITC packages, and more. Our staff can attend any travel request in several languages, mainly english, spanish and french.
We are certified and qualified.We are certified by IATA (International Association of Air Transportation), TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) and other Travel Organizations that lead us to offer sustainable and reliable travel services to our clients.
Wander Travel offers competitive travel services through direct consultation with our qualified counselors and also on our website, where customers can find discount rates and fares, last minute deals and more. We strive to deliver a complete solution for traveling, including prices, options, information and our guarantee of making every service to be the best possible and exceeding expectations from our clientele.

we believe in...

Customer Service

Our customers have the lead in our services. We are committed to offer what they need and exceed their expectations.

Knowledge and Experience

Our team is in constant training to offer 100% knowledge of our travel services. We add traveling to most demanded destinations to increase our experience that has to be shared with our market.

Competitiviness and Fairness

Constantly watching for the best deals to offer, we work with a huge travel network that involves direct carriers, wholesale companies, consolidators, operators and other travel service providers to make sure that our prices are competitive and fair for both customers and our business.


Our business offers the latest technological resources for a confident, secure and reliable travel business. This includes Sabre® and Apollo® reservation systems, Online Travel Services, 24/7 emergency travel help, electronic issuance of travel documents, invoices and certificates, and much more.

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